The technical security testing procedural drama will hit screens in the fall

LOS GATOS, CA and SEATTLE, WA, April 1, 2022 – Netflix (Nasdaq: NFLX): The world's biggest online streaming platform is today announcing the Pen Test Diaries series of short stories based on real-life penetration tests will be made into a Netflix original series.

Starring Emily Blunt as lead character Laura Knight, a penetration testing wizard who leverages a mixture of technical and social skills to test her client's security posture, the series will walk viewers through the penetration testing process.

Claire Oxley, VP of Programming at Netflix said, "We are really are excited to bring to the viewer, not just the technical stuff, but all the excitement of the penetration testing process, including scoping meetings and report writing."

Oxley continues, "While many viewers will think that penetration testing is all about cross-site scripting, SQL injection, and other types of vulnerability, the show will introduce the drama of breaking the news of findings to managers, and watching as security teams say things like 'we already told you about this five years ago, but you ignored us.'"

Other cast members confirmed include Olivia Colman as a whiskey loving CISO and Adam Driver as a software development engineer.

Author of the series, Mike Sheward, said "When I first got the call, I assumed they'd busted me for sharing my login credentials with my brother, but this is actually better."